I’m so lucky! This image is a detail of a bowl created by my good friend and ceramicist, Connie Norman. I’m so lucky to count her among my art people who inspire and challenge me. Connie and I have gotten to know each other over the years after being introduced at a Wyoming Arts Council roundtable event. We’ve laughed and cried together through life’s ups and downs, and we had a great time traveling to SOFA Chicago a few years ago. Connie taught me “you can sleep at home” and while traveling you stay up late and experience all you can wherever you are!

I’m so lucky to have actors, authors and musicians as some of my art people, too. Cross-pollination in the arts is very valuable to me as I find inspiration from creative people in other disciplines, and they also encourage and challenge me. While our mediums are different, our souls are kindred.

I’m so lucky to live in Wyoming where we have an active and supportive state arts council. The staff are friendly, helpful and willing to travel all over the state to keep the arts flourishing. I’ve worked with them as an artist and through my job at the library.