There’s nothing like road trips around the West! I grew up taking them with my parents and sister, and I much prefer them to flying. (Flying itself is fine – it’s the whole process of airports that I’m not too fond of.) Gazing out the car window for hours releases all my stress, and I suppose if I were a dog I’d really enjoy sticking my head out the window and letting my ears flap in the wind!

Fred and I recently took a road trip around Wyoming tacked onto his work conference in Jackson Hole. It was refreshing and exhilarating after the challenging year we’d had with my cancer adventure. We ventured off the beaten path and experienced archaeological and geological wonders. We traveled back in time with 11,000 year old petroglyphs and rock formations forged millions of years ago, and we lost track of time. Along the way I created a few installations; he took lots of photos.

This image of our shadows was taken the last day of our trip as we took a walk around the hot springs in Thermopolis, a lovely little town in central Wyoming. I’ll be posting photos from this and future road trips, not necessarily in chronological order since time isn’t important when you’re truly on a road trip.