These are my technological tools – a Fuji x100s camera, an iPhone 5s with the Altimeter app, and a Mac with Adobe Creative Cloud Lightroom. I’m not a gadget person. I don’t look forward to getting new devices or software. I learn only what I must to express my vision.

When I got my Mac a few years ago, I started using Apple’s photo-editing software, Aperture, which aptly handled processing raw images. I prefer to keep editing to a minimum, so I didn’t ask for much. But now Apple is no longer supporting the software, so I’ve switched to Lightroom. It’s probably for the best, but since I don’t relish this kind of change I’ve put off even the basics of importing images off SD cards and processing the raw files for months. Now there’s a backlog of installation images that I need to organize and process. Ugh. I much prefer creating the objects and installations over focusing on a screen for hours!

Since it’s now very cold in Wyoming (temperatures are often sub-zero with the wind chill) I’m spending more time inside. This past weekend I came up with a plan to organize the files and imported 200 some images. I’m glad it’s done.

As I’m learning more about Lightroom, processing the images is becoming a little more enjoyable. The best part is that the task takes me back in time to the experience of creating the objects and the installations, and I get lost in reverie, looking forward to creating more.