While giving a critique of my work, a gallery owner told me that I needed to decide whether I was Andy Goldsworthy or Robert Smithson. Seriously? My binary choice is one of these male artists and either to create work with materials found on site or bring in the bulldozers?

I think not. There are many more on the spectrum of artists that have created land and/or environmental installations, including Nancy Holt, Ana Mendieta, Jackie Brookner, and Jerilea Zempel. What about them?

Some critiques I’ve had over the years have been very hard to hear, but useful, and have given me much to consider, challenged me, and helped me grow. But I get to choose what advice I’ll take and what advice I won’t.

And frankly, no matter which artists I take inspiration from, I don’t want to be any of them.

I’m me!

The image above is inside one of Nancy Holt’s Sun Tunnels, taken on my pilgrimage to the site.