While on the recent road trip, I was fortunate to spend a day and a half at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art while Fred was at a conference. The first day, my cousin Jeff (a popular Bay-area musician) met me there, along with his friend Leah (a teacher) and her daughter Ruby (a kindergartener). It was so much fun! I enjoy experiencing art with people engaged in endeavors other than visual art—they give me fresh perspectives and interesting viewpoints. And there’s nothing like enjoying art with a 5-year-old! I’ll never forget how we all blew on the Calder mobiles to force their movement in a gallery lacking air flow.

I arrived when the museum opened on the second day, and much to my delight I was alone in many galleries. It was just me and the art, including this huge (153 in. x 488 3/8 in. x 782 3/16 in.) steel sculpture, Sequence, by Richard Serra. The sculpture is in a well-lit interior space that has a large terraced seating area for viewing the piece, and I also walked inside of it. I could’ve spent hours with this one art work, but there were so many other pieces I wanted to see.