More than a year in the making, the objects in this installation were in need of the right place. When I create objects in my studio, they are not intended for a specific site. Sometimes as the objects come to be, I’ll start to see the possibilities of installing them in certain conditions. I didn’t know where the right place for these would be, but I thought snowy conditions would be suitable.

Then my friends Jennie and Andrew invited me to spend time creating installations on the land where they make their home in early December 2019. And there was snow — lots of it!

I spent 48 wonderful hours there. From the large windows of their passive house (off-grid) I watched the light change throughout the day and saw glistening stars in the vast sky at night. (Hello, Orion!) I was able to simply be and create.

I spent hours creating installations on the snowy land and took 200+ images. Once I returned home and uploaded photos to my computer to process all those raw images, I whittled them down to 100 I was happy with.

I further whittled them down to 21 that will be shown as projections and prints in my solo exhibit Here and Gone at Artworks in Loveland, Colorado January 10 – February 29, 2020.