When I read the email stating that art critic and author Eleanor Heartney chose this installation image to be included in Ecoconsciousness, “WOW!” and “I can’t believe it! Really?” raced through my mind. I own books written by her and so was pretty excited and honored when I received the news! (My work is on page 73 of the catalog in the exhibit link.)

In the midst of prepping  for my solo exhibit Here and Gone that opened in January 2020, I had little time reflect deeply on the work that I created a few short weeks prior. I’ve now been able to do so since I took the exhibit down in early March, just before the spread of COVID 19 paused the world.

I was pleased with the series and the exhibit, and remain so, but the work now has new layers of meaning for me, especially after thinking about what others have said about it. This review of the exhibit by Jennie Kiessling that was published in Studio Wyoming Review on Wyofile dug deep into the soul of my work and captured my intent and purpose very well.